Ship design solution implementation – 4 phases to success


The process of new ship design solution implementation at a shipyard is of critical importance to overall success. Seamless implementation aims to ensure all other processes at the shipyard are mapped and considered while keeping to time schedules. 

Several aspects need to be addressed

  • Respect production timelines 
  • Train large groups of users in different shipbuilding disciplines 
  • Handle legacy data from other software programs 
  • Build interfaces to machinery and integrations to other systems 
  • Address overall shipyard performance 

A successful ship design solution implementation project is divided into 4 phases 

Phase 1
Collecting information about work processes and standards 
Phase 2
Creation of implementation plan and establishment of main milestones 
Phase 3
Execution of training and implementation plan 
Phase 4
Operational assistance: maintenance, support services, project assistance 

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